Senin, 13 Agustus 2012

Who Wore it Better: Big Bang’s G-Dragon or Kim Je Dong?

Stars are always getting compared with each other, especially when they are caught wearing the same outfits. People then choose which star wore the outfit better, sometimes even struggling to pick the better fashionista.

However a recent comparison had netizens not stressing out, but cracking up in laughter.

One online community uploaded a post titled, ‘G-Dragon vs Seorae Village Fashionista.’

The post revealed a side-by-side comparison of Big Bang’s G-Dragon and TV personality Kim Je Dong, wearing the same t-shirt but exhibiting a completely (and we mean completely) different vibe.

Netizens, who managed to recover from laughing too hard, commented, “Seorae Village fashionista Kim Je Dong Wins because he’s funny!” “How can one shirt be so different?” and “Kim Je Dong’s pose is just hilarious.”

What do you think? Who wins this round?

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