Jumat, 03 Agustus 2012

‘R2B’ Concentrates on Last Minute Promotion Efforts

Anticipation heightens by the day for Rain’s upcoming film R2B: Return to Base.

R2B is in its last spurt of promotion for its premiere coming up on August 15. It’s already held a series of events, including a showcase and meetings with the director, and it has a preview coming up on August 8. Even now the film is sprucing up for its first appearance in its last stages of preparation.

The film is expected to be a big success, big enough to follow The Thieves, in that it is the film Rain last worked on before his enlistment and that it has a big cast with such familiar names as Yu Jun Sang, Shin Se Kyung, Lee Ha Na and Kim Sung Soo.

Fans have been expressing their wish to see the film as soon as possible through the film’s website. Rain’s fans have especially been looking forward to it as they haven’t been able to see Rain often since his enlistment.

The film’s producers have been saying confidently, “This film isn’t just for Rain. It’s Korea’s first high-altitude action film. You can look forward to it.”

The problem with this film is actually in its title. Many are aware that Rain worked on a film before his enlistment, but not many know the title of that film is R2B. This is because the film went through many title changes, from Red Muffler to Flight: Close to the Sun to R2B: Return to Base.

Producers have thus been concentrating their efforts on making the title of the film become more well-known.

R2B: Return to Base was produced with the help of Korea’s Air Force, and many Hollywood staff members that helped with The Dark Knight and Inception participated in the film. Clips from the film released beforehand have been drawing interest for featuring splendid plane action scenes in the skies of Seoul.

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