Sabtu, 04 Agustus 2012

Planned ‘T-ara Protest’ Cancels Last Minute

The initially planned protest for August 4 over former member Hwa Young’s departure and over ostracism has been cancelled last minute over differences in opinions and lack of preparation.

On August 2, 30 members of the protest filed paperwork with Seoul’s Gangnam Police Agency to hold its protest. However, a day later, the leader of the protest (id: Areubit) announced that the protest was cancelled due to lack of preparation and paperwork to cancel the protest was filed.

The individual added however, “A second or third filing can happen at any time,” and added that the protest was merely delayed.

A new fan café was initialized labeling themselves, ‘Those who seek righteousness’ and the new group shared it planned to hold a demonstration in the near future.

In the end, the various members of the various cafes including the 346,000 ‘Tijinyo’ members were unable to unite in their opinions.

On July 30, Core Content Media’s Kim Kwang Soo denied rumors of bullying within T-ara and made a shocking announcement over the termination of member Hwa Young’s contract with the agency.

Following the incident, the matter grew in scrutiny and criticism and even led to the delay of T-ara’s planned August 11 concert.

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