Minggu, 02 September 2012

Yoon Kye Sang Says His Father Wants Him to Marry a Woman Like Kim Ha Neul

Yoon Kye Sang revealed that his father thinks of actress Kim Ha Neul as his daughter-in-law.

On the August 31 press conference of Olive’s Yoon Kye Sang’s One Table, Yoon stated, “My father is a fan of [Kim] Ha Neul.”

He also added, “My father tells me to meet someone like [Kim] Ha Neul. She’s a really good friend. We are close, but we haven’t been able to meet much because we’re both busy.”

Yoon Kye Sang went on to say, “I heard that she said I was a close friend of hers on Healing Camp. That’s how close we are. But we are definitely not lovers. If the press reports this in the wrong way, we won’t be that close anymore so please don’t misunderstand.”

The two became close when they starred in the film Six Years in Love

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