Sabtu, 15 September 2012

Secret’s Transformation into Mature Ladies Revealed in ‘Nylon’

Secret shocked its fans when the members went from shy girls to in-your-face sexy ladies for their new single Poison. Secret’s newfound mature style of luxury was captured in the October issue of fashion magazine Nylon

This was amazingly enough, Secret’s first time ever shooting with the magazine since its debut in 2009.

Song Ji Eun said, “We were always jealous when other groups appeared. I think we’re satisfied now.”

After working hard for more than a year on dieting and exercising, the Secret members confidently flaunted their bodies during the photo shoot, earning the praise of the crew, who said that the members adjusted very well even though the concept was a bit of a challenge.

Secret began its promotions for Posion on Mnet’s M Countdown on September 13.

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