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[Interview Part II] AOA’s Ideal Types, Secrets and Commercial Wishes

This dancing band group was named AOA, or Ace of Angels.

Honestly, their group name was why we thought at first that these members would give a boring interview, with stereotypical answers and calm, cute smiles.

In the interview held with enews at the CJ E&M Center, however, the eight members of AOA couldn’t stop laughing while talking about everything from their ideal types, secrets, sleeping habits and the commercials they wanted to shoot. It was an unexpected interview that turned their angel images upside down.

Ideal types?

The members were all in their late teens or early 20s, age groups that would make them very interested in love and relationships. Although they sang about love onstage, they said that they had to ‘learn’ about love through indirect mediums such as dramas or books.

When asked about their ideal types, they spilled forth a list of men as if they would love to start dating anyone right at that moment.

Youkyoung: “I’m actually pretty tough, and so I like cute men a lot. These days my ideal type is 1 Night, 2 Days and Bridal Mask’s Ju Won sunbaenim (senior). I hope men don’t get tied up by their macho images, and show more of their cute charms.”

Jimin: “My ideal type is a man who is cool, sexy yet kind, like Ha Jung Woo sunbaenim! I love the image he puts on in his pieces.”

Yuna: “I hope he’ll be a person who’s quiet yet still takes good care of me, and only softens up in front of me. I think I would fall for how he takes care of me though he acts like he doesn’t care. Jung Woo Sung sunbaenim, from the [jTBC] drama Padam Padam…The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats. I was attracted to the way he just threw things in others’ ways.”

Seolhyun: “A man who has a pretty and kind smile. Kim Jae Won sunbaenim.”

Choa: “It differs every time. He’s okay if his overall image is okay. I like styles that are neat and smart, like Choi Yoon (Kim Min Jong) in [SBS’] A Gentleman’s Dignity. I look at fashion more than looks. I used to love Ryu Jin sunbaenim a lot.”

Hyejeong: “A man who’s humorous and kind, a man who would be fun to be around. Gong Yoo sunbaenim.”

Chanmi: “I like people who have their own little worlds. It’s okay if he’s a bit unconcerned about me. A man who can join me in what I like. Um… like eating chocolate together! If he doesn’t like it, I won’t force it on him, but then I don’t think I would be with him in the first place.”

Sleeping habits?

The members then spilled what they witnessed at their home. What gathered the most attention were the girls’ sleeping habits. According to the members’ testimonies, some just moaned in their sleep, while others talked or even rapped.

ⓐ Seolhyun: Beginner-Moaning
“She moans in her sleep. We sometimes tease her, saying that’s why her angel title is Seolhyunari (Ari=Moaning).”

ⓑ Chanmi: Intermediate-Talking
“Sometimes when we’re sleeping we can hear a small voice, and that turns out to be Chanmi’s sleeping habit. She’s not loud, but she always surprises us with her conversational habit.”

ⓒ Jimin: Expert-Rapping
“She raps in her sleep. Her pronunciation is great, too. In the mornings she sits in a pretty pose and talks with us normally, then she falls asleep and five minutes before we have to go out she gets up and tells us off for not waking her up sooner.

When we tell her what happened before, she gets surprised and asks, ‘I really did that?’ We think at this rate she’ll soon start writing rap lines in her sleep.”

Outside of sleeping habits, there’s also a member that has to have everything she owns on her bed to feel secure. That’s the youngest member Chanmi, who was born in the year 1996. Chanmi’s love for her bed was severe enough to make her a worthy candidate for tvN’s Martian Virus as a ‘bed obsessed girl’.

Chanmi: “I want my stuff to be at arm distance whenever I reach out in my sleep. Why? Because it’s all mine. My cotton pads, ribbons, letters, diary, snacks and computer all wait on my bed. I do a lot of things in bed. I like watching movies while eating, and I do that in bed too."

"I bought a lunch tray so I can watch movies with my rice and side dishes on the tray. It’s not uncomfortable at all.”

Choa: “Chanmi and I use a bunk bed, and Chanmi uses the top bunk while I use the bottom bunk. Chanmi puts her lotion on up there and even styles her hair too. It’s amazing how she does it when she doesn’t have that much space because of the ceiling. I’m sometimes surprised by the snack bags and wet towels that drop down on me.”


Love calls for commercials bombard only the most successful celebrities. Commercial offers gauge how popular and trendy that star is at that time. It was a bit early to be talking on this subject for the rookie AOA, but everyone dreamed sweet dreams when asked about the commercials they want to shoot.

Chanmi: “I love chocolate so much, I want to be in a chocolate commercial. I also tear up often when I’m surprised, so I think I would go well with a mascara commercial that advertises mascara which doesn’t come off with tears.”

Hyejeong: “Soju commercials! The videos are always so pretty because the pretty sunbaes appear in them.”

Choa: “Cellphone commercials. They usually give off an urban and stylish air.”

Seolhyun: “Cosmetics! I was born with skin that remains clear without much care.”

Yuna: “Electronics, like refrigerators, so that I can appeal to mothers. I’m feminine, and I eat a lot.”

Mina: “Foods like chicken or pizza. I used to eat them a lot, but these days I can’t because I need to keep my body fit. If we shoot commercials for them, we can eat them a lot. How many can I eat? Um. I’ll try to eat 100.”

Jimin: “I want to shoot a clothing brand commercial. Sports clothing. I’m sure I can show off a good fit.”

Youkyoung: “Products related to music like MP3s or headphones. I wish it would be a commercial that wasn’t stereotypical.”

The eight AOA members had their own ways of thinking. This band, however, shared the determination to be good as both a dance group and a band. We look forward to the day they become big in the scene just like their seniors FT Island or CN Blue.

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