Senin, 03 September 2012

36,000 Flock to 2NE1’s First Japan ‘New Evolution’ Tour Stop in Osaka Over Three Days

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Opening their first few concerts for the Japan leg of their New Evolution global concert tour, the ladies of 2NE1 kicked things off with a mighty start.

Descending on Osaka’s Castle Hall, 2NE1 shook things up from August 31 through September 2 with a total of 36,000 fans coming to see the 2NE1 members over the three days.

Performing everything live, the 2NE1 members gave performances of their representative hit tracks, including Fire, I Am the Best, Clap Your Hands, I Don’t Care and more, as well as some other performances that have been more difficult to see.

Their Jeremy Scott-designed outfits - flashy, bold, and everything in between - also brought wide praise from the fashion loving Osaka city and the concert overall signaled a great start to the rest of the group’s Japan tour.

2NE1 will next move on to perform in Nagoya from September 7 through 8, Yokohama from September 11 through 12 and Saitama from September 29 through 30.

2NE1 will also release its single I Love You in Japan on September 19 and is already garnering interest for recently being selected to sing Maybelline New york’s mascara campaign song.

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