Senin, 03 September 2012

Ivy Auditions with her Mother for ‘Qualifications of Men’ Choir Competition

Participating in a special choir audition for KBS’ Qualifications of Men, Ivy shed tears as she expressed her gratitude towards her family.

Aired on September 2, Qualifications of Men continued its annual singing audition, where anyone can try out to be a part of the Qualifications of Men choir, which will later be a part of a competition.

With the theme of the 2012 choir being family, Ivy stood in front of the judges with her mother.

She explained that when she was young, her mother had health problems and couldn’t spend much time with her. “I came out wanting to create happy memories with her.”

When her career was on the line due to a sex tape scandal, Ivy shared, “The day before all the articles would come out, my mother was sent to the hospital, but even then, she would only worry about me. After seeing that, I realized that no matter what, my family will be on my side.”

The mother and daughter pair then sang Abba’s Thank You For the Music, creating perfect melody and touching the hearts of the judges.

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