Sabtu, 15 September 2012

[Twitter Roundup] Big Bang’s G-Dragon Celebrates Album Release, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Misses his Mommy, and More

From celebrations to hackings, here’s what went down for today’s Twitter Roundup!

Big Bang’s G-Dragon finally returned with his new solo album One of a Kind and held a live countdown streaming of the event, which was joined by Epik High’s Tablo, Choice37, and Lydia Paek.

When the album was released at midnight, all six tracks soared through the top 10 charts and G-Dragon tweeted, “Thank you for all the love at the release of GD One of a Kind 1st MINI album. Love me....for a long…long long time~~ G-Dragon vs G-Dragon vs G-dragon… I have too many enemies. ^^”

To prepare for his stage comeback on SBS’ Inkigayo, he later tweeted, “Okay, heading off to bed to prepare for tomorrow. Have a ‘G’ night! See u tomorrow.”

But before going to bed, he also had an awkward but endearing conversation with 2AM’s Jo Kwon who congratulated G-Dragon on his new album.

We hope they become good friends over this!

Taeyang also showed his enthusiasm for BFF G-Dragon′s comeback, by promising to come on stage with him on SBS′ Inkigayo.

He tweeted on September 15, "At Inkigayo. Let′s rock!"
Included was a picture of himself (?) wearing a giant Teddy Bear mask.

Is Teddy also making a cameo apperance in G-Dragon′s comeback??

The Kara members were also in good spirits on September 14, when they received tons of edible presents from their fans during a radio program.

Kang Ji Young tweeted, “We’ll eat them well. Listen to the radio!”

She attached a photo with the other Kara members all cherishing some of the snacks that were sent to them. Despite wearing regular clothes and having less make-up than usual, the girls’ beauty still shined.

We wish we had fans who sent snacks our way.

Han Hyo Joo searched for E.T. sent communication signals to promote her new movie.

She tweeted, “Beep Beep. Sending signals. Masquerade premiered! Please go watch it!”

Sitting on a balcony railing, Han Hyo Joo stared out into the space with her index finger pointed directly to the sky, as if to send signals out.

Masquerade premiered on September 13.

Actress Shin So Yul was in high spirits, heading back to the waiting room that she spent many of time in.

She tweeted on September 15, “Returning to the M Countdown waiting room after a year. I asked them to get me the waiting room that I used a year ago. ^_^ Tonight at 11 PM. TVN…SNL. Reply….”

She posted a picture of herself in the waiting room, wearing a cute outfit.

Shin So Yul and the cast of Reply 1997 will be hosting September 15’s Saturday Night Live Korea, so be sure to catch it!!

Unfortunately, it turned out that not everyone was in a happy mood.

Seo In Guk realized that when he checked his Twitter account, it wasn’t his face in his profile.

On September 15, he tweeted, “My profile picture right now…is that man….and the picture won’t change. Who are you and why are you doing this to me TT.”

He uploaded a screenshot of his Twitter account, where the profile picture is of an unidentified foreign man and definitely not Seo In Guk’s face.

Tiger JK also experienced something similar, when another man’s picture took over his account as well.

Can anyone identify this man?

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk went on a camping trip with Kyuhyun and Ryeowook and they had a fantastic time climbing mountains and eating ramen, but at the end of the day, they just really wanted one thing.

On September 15, Eunhyuk tweeted, “I miss my mommy,” along with a picture of the three Super Junior members looking out into a beautiful lake, as if they were thinking about their mothers.

We hope they see their mothers soon.

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