Minggu, 02 September 2012

Baek Cheong Gang to Cancel All Activities for September Due to Failing Health

Singer Baek Cheong Gang, first winner of The Great Birth, has announced a halt to all activities due to a decline in his health.

Thor Entertainment announced on August 31 that ‘Baek Cheong Gang will not be able to go through with his activities for September due to his bad health.’

On reports that the singer was fighting cancer, however, the agency said he did have an adenoma removed but was still waiting for the results to determine whether it was cancerous. It also added that it couldn’t reveal the exact name of the disease, the area of the infliction and future plans for surgery due to privacy reasons.

One source close to Baek Cheong Gang had told enews on August 31 that “Baek Cheong Gang currently has stage 3 rectal cancer and he recently told the people close to him about it.”

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