Senin, 03 September 2012

[Twitter Roundup] 2NE1 Poses With Trainer, Gu Hye Sun Reveals “Twin” Pet Dog and More

It’s another week and a new day filled with goods from the stars’ SNS world with today’s edition of Twitter Roundup!

Today’s theme seemed to be one on ‘cute’ as the stars showed their various methods of looking, and being cute.

2NE1 once more demonstrated it can pull of the normally difficult ‘cute + fierce’ look with this picture tweeted by 2NE1’s trainer, coach Hwang, on September 1 as he wrote, “2NE1 be first”.

Looking confident and sassy yet with elements of cuteness and humor in it, the 2NE1 members and coach Hwang were seen in the included picture standing with their legs wide apart and with their arms crossed.

Miss A’s Suzy and Min, meanwhile, turned up the cute level a few more notches with this pic as tweeted by Suzy on September 2 saying, “Teach me too. No, no.” The picture was retweeted by Min who wrote, “Cuteness overload”.

The two miss A members were seen backstage with their makeup on as they puckered their lips with Min in ombred braids.

Not to be outdone, Kara’s Nicole posted this picture on her me2day on September 1 writing, “Will we see our Kamilias in our chat session today?”

Included was a close-up of Nicole as she smiled and winked for the camera, which unsurprisingly, won raves from her followers.

Newly-engaged Byul enlisted the help of popular children’s animation character Pororo with this humorous photo on September 1 writing, “Transformation into Pororo! I want to become a friend of the youngsters too.”

A smiling Byul was seen with a Pororo character sticker over her face giving her the likeness of the popular penguin character.

The character has been compared with Haha in the past for their similar resemblance and Haha showed no signs of easily giving up his character doppelganger, even to his fiance, as he comically responded to the tweet, “I cannot share that character.”

Se7en utilized a microphone for his ‘cute’ picture as he tweeted on September 1 a series of pictures from the practice room writing, “Practicing with the band! I’m most happy when I’m singing.”

The picture series showed Se7en in mid-rehearsal as he struck various poses with a microphone close to his mouth and posed.

Perhaps taking the cake overall though was actress Gu Hye Sun who set a new bar for ‘cuteness’ with the help of her pet dog, gamja (potato).

The picture was tweeted on September 2 with the actress writing a brief, “Do we look alike?”

The side-by-side comparison photo showed a close-up of Gu Hye Sun in one picture and a close-up of gamja in another. Humorously to gamja’s picture though, Gu Hye Sun had drawn on a pair of thick eyebrows giving the docile look a more human appearance as well.

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