Rabu, 01 Agustus 2012

SISTAR Members Don’t Like Being Associated as 4Minute’s Rivals

The SISTAR members are tired of being associated as 4minute′s rivals.

In the upcoming episode of QTV’s 4Minute’s Travel Maker, the SISTAR members will make an appearance and talk honestly with their 4minute friends.

The two groups have, on numerous occasions, come to release new singles or albums at similar times and as such, many netizens and the press have labeled the two as ‘rivals’.

SISTAR’s Bora shared on the matter saying, “Wherever we go we’re always compared with 4minute. The extreme sentiments [from others] of a rivalry with 4minute is honestly uncomfortable and I don’t like it.”

Member Soyou who, before her debut, had trained with Cube Entertainment added, “After SISTAR placed first on a music show program, I had nightmares for four days. Flashbacks of our 4Minute friends kept appearing in my mind and making my heart ache.”

4minute’s Nam Ji Hyun also affirmed the SISTAR members experiences saying, “Whenever we do an interview we also are asked about SISTAR too.”

The full episode will air on August 1 on QTV.

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