Rabu, 01 Agustus 2012

Producer of ‘Haeundae Lovers’ Says T-ara’s So Yeon is Very Polite

Producer Song Hyun Wook of KBS2’s Haeundae Lovers touched on the T-ara incident by talking about what he thought about So Yeon, who would be appearing in the drama.

The press conference for Haeundae Lovers was held on August 1 in Seoul. This day, the cast — Kim Kang Woo, Jo Yeo Jeong, Jung Seok Won, Nam Gyuri, Kang Min Kyung, Im Ha Ryong and Lee Jae Yong — were in attendance to talk about the drama and how they felt about it.

Producer Song Hyun Wook said about the drama, “Our drama will be showing a lot of bodies, as Haeundae usually speaks through bodies and has us use our bodies a lot. I hope our viewers blow away the heat [with our drama] like they’re on vacation in Haeundae.”

He also touched on the issue surrounding his cast member So Yeon, saying, “I hope the recent [T-ara] incident is resolved well.”

So Yeon’s appearance on Haeundae Lovers drew more interest after the T-ara outcast rumors and controversy broke.

So Yeon was planning to launch her new actress career as Jo Yeo Jeong’s role’s best friend Lee Kwan Soon, a girl who speaks with a strong dialect.

Producer Song added, “So Yeon is a fun person to be around on set, and she’s very polite and works hard. I hope you watch on with warm eyes.”

So Yeon wasn’t present at the conference this day, and the production company revealed that there was no plan in the first place to have her attend. Many asserted that she should leave the drama, but sources close to the singer stated that they planned to push through with her appearance.

Haeundae Lovers will start up on August 6, following in Big’s time slot. Most of the shoots took place in Haeundae, and the drama is a romantic comedy that takes place near the beach.

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