Rabu, 01 Agustus 2012

Pop Music Site Popdust Nominates SNSD in Two Categories for its ‘2012 Pop Olympics Finals

SNSD has become nominated in two categories for Popdust’s just-for-fun ‘2012 Pop Olympics Finals’.

SNSD was nominated first for the category of ‘Best YouTube Moment’, in which it competes with Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and The Wanted.

The video nominated for SNSD, from the group’s 2011 headlining gig, was described by Popdust as: “The girls traveled Stateside in the fall of 2011 for a headlining gig at New York’s Madison Square Garden. After the show, the group sought to introduced themselves to new fans by showing off their individual talents, which range from dancing on command, singing Tamia songs, impersonating one another, and dishing out meaningful life advice. Seohyun is right: always wear your seatbelt.”

SNSD was also nominated in the category of ‘Best Song’ where it competes against, again, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and The Wanted.

Nominating SNSD’s hit track The Boys, the site described the song as being, “A stomping, take-no-prisoners anthem of sexual undeniability, with a catchy chorus and a beat that forces you to pay attention, Girls’ Generation’s “THE BOYS” not only topped the U.S. K-Pop charts but made it to the overall iTunes top 100. A smash hit in their home country of South Korea as well, we already know that “The Boys” brings the fans out—will it bring out the votes too?”

Fans will have until August 5 to vote for their favorite stars with gold, silver and bronze medals announced for each category on August 6.

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