Rabu, 01 Agustus 2012

Hwa Young Did Visit Kim Kwang Soo at Core Contents Media

It has been revealed that Hwa Young did indeed visit her agency, Core Contents Media, with her twin sister Hyo Young.

On August 1, Core Contents Media issued press releases that read, ‘Hwa Young and Hyo Young suddenly came in to Core Contents Media at 10 p.m. on July 31 to see CEO Kim Kwang Soo. CEO Kim was also taken aback at the surprise visit.”

Why did Hwa Young, who had been forced to leave her team after so much controversy, return for a visit to her former agency?

According to Core Contents Media, Hwa Young told CEO Kim that she wanted to perform her own music and that she wished to “walk her own way.”

She also told him, “I thank you for teaching me how to rap when I didn’t know anything. Even though it’ll be hard, I want to walk my own road.”

Through this meeting it seems Hwa Young set straight her relationship with Core Contents Media and expressed her will to make it as a solo singer.

During the meeting, CEO Kim Kwang Soo told Hwa Young about how he tried to persuade the late Chae Dong Ha of SG Wannabe when he said he would leave his team by saying that he wished SG Wannabe would continue to have Chae Dong Ha as a member.

He then expressed how he had felt in the five years that followed the singer’s death, which came a year and a half after he had left his team.

CEO Kim Kwang Soo said, “Little bits and pieces of the facts will only act to set T-ara and Hwa Young further apart, so I hope that like Hwa Young says, everyone would stop. I believe that all of them are like my daughters, like my fingers are all my fingers although they may differ in length, so I am saddened at how Hwa Young and T-ara are in pain. No matter where she is, I will help Hwa Young.”

He added that the speculations that Hwa Young tweeted thoughts that were not of her own will had no truth in them.

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