Rabu, 05 Desember 2012

[Style] ‘K-Pop Star’ Baek A Yeon and Kim Na Yoon Display their Friendship for ‘Elle Girl’

Although the girls didn’t win the competition, K-Pop Star contestants, Baek A Yeon and Kim Na Yoon are still standing in the spotlight, this time with Elle Girl.

While participating in their first photo shoot for the June edition of Elle Girl magazine, the two girls expressed a close relationship, laughing and playing around during the entire shoot.

Their affectionate friendship began when SBS’ K-Pop Star gave them the title of ‘Keyboard 3’ during the competition. Their friendship was also displayed in their answers for the interviews.

When asked what part of K-Pop Star she enjoyed the most, Kim Na Yoon replied, “The day I found out I made it to the Top 10. We were all so happy and excited that we let everything go. I also ate pig’s feet for the first time.”

She also stated that even after she was eliminated from the competition, she always watched the live broadcast of the show every Sunday at 6 p.m.

Baek A Yeon, who was nicknamed ‘Steel Heart’ by Park Jin Young, one of the judges for the competition, remarked, “I like the nickname Park Jin Young gave to me. Whenever I heard it, I felt stronger and more confident.”

Although she was unable to make it to the finals, placing third in the competition, Baek A Yeon shared her experiences dorming with Lee Ha Yi and Park Ji Min. “They are so full of energy."

She laughed thinking about the two finalists, adding, “Whenever I came back to the dorm, I’m so tired that I want to pass out, but Lee Ha Yi and Park Ji Min would always wake me up and urge me to play with them.”

The photos and interviews of Baek A Yeon and Kim Na Yoon will be available in the June edition of Elle Girl magazine.

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