Kamis, 13 Desember 2012

Mnet audition winners to perform together for the ′2012 Mnet Super Voice Show′

Roy Kim, Son Seung Yeon and Loco, the winners of the audition shows Superstar K4, Voice of Korea and Show Me the Money, will be performing together in a special performance.

On December 14, the three winners will perform at the 2012 Mnet Super Voice Show, which will take place at the CJ E&M Studio in Sangam.

Producer Song Sang Yeop of CJ E&M, who will be producing the show, told enews on December 13, "In order to repay the viewers who showed such great love toward Mnet this year, we′ve prepared a show where they′ll be able to see the main players in the channel′s most representative shows at once. The musical harmony between the three singers will provide a new type of entertainment and it will be fun to watch each contestant talk about what went on behind the scenes at their auditions."

Roy Kim, Son Seung Yeon and Loco will even perform in collaboration performances with each other that won′t be seen anywhere else, and they will also be joined by the main issue-making figures from their shows to perform again their most popular performances together.

Each winner will also speak up in a talk session for the show. They will compare the programs, and dig into each other′s characters. Audiences at the scene that day will be able to send in requests, stories and songs to be put onstage.

Son Seung Yeon said, "I was very interested in Roy Kim, as he′s the same age as I, and I′m honored I′ll also be joined by Loco oppa (big brother) onstage. We′ll have many surprise performances other than our collaborations in store so please look forward to them."

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