Selasa, 04 Desember 2012

K.Will to cameo on ‘Shut Up Family’

After performing with B.o.B at the 2012 MAMA, K.Will must have gained confidence in his English skills as he will be teaching English to SISTAR’s Dasom.

On the upcoming episode of KBS’ Shut Up Family, K.Will be making a special appearance as Dasom’s English tutor. He will be the character, Roy Kwak, who is hired to prepare Dasom for an upcoming English speaking competition.

Secretly a cold and rebellious teenager, Dasom’s character, Da Yoon showed affection and kindness towards K.Will, making her stepbrother (Choi Woo Sik) and neighbor (Park Seo Jun), who has a crush on Da Yoon, misunderstand and become jealous of the situation.

As he is under the same company as SISTAR, K.Will seems to appear on the show for appearance for Dasom. K.Will’s cameo will air on December 5.

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