Rabu, 05 Desember 2012

MBC′s ′Infinity Challenge′ to hold concert with Park Myung Soo′s songs.

MBC′s Infinity Challenge is preparing another event where viewers will get to join in on the fun.

A new upcoming concert, titled How Is It, will take place with songs composed by the three-month-old rookie composer, Park Myung Soo a.k.a. Bangbaedong Wildcat.

The concert will take place on December 20 in Ilsan, Seoul, and fans can sign up for the concert from December 5 through the show′s viewer forums.

A variety of genres will be performed onstage this day, including electronic, medium-tempo dance and mystic melodies. Park Myung Soo, an avid electronic music fan, has been working hard to produce songs that fit the concept.

The producers said, "Park Myung Soo even got IVs to pull through and produce quality songs. The members didn′t trust him in the beginnings of the project, but now they′ve often been showing surprise at his passion."

They added, "We want to invite the viewers to this performance with colorful concepts, in which Park Myung Soo will be able to fulfill his big dream toward music."

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