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Message SNSD

Message for Yuri from Girls' Generation ♥

Taeyeon’s message to Yuri
Yu Ri~ Hi Yu Ri! I can’t forget the first time I saw you. Your first impression… does that make you nervous? To me, the kind smile you gave me felt very glamorous, and I wondered if you were one of us, trainees, and it made such a good and strong impression on me, you seemed so nice, and gentle…I wish I had an impression like yours, and I love that Yu Ri in my memory. How you always boost yourself up for energy, I’m envious of your self-elevating skills like “Yeah! I can do it! Hooray!” So go on and continue to give strength to the group. You’re the best, really~

Jessica’s message to Yuri
Yu Ri~ You’ve been working out lately. Take me with you. Take me to gym with you and…you’re really the quintessential blood-type AB. I love your laughter and it’s fun to be around you. Please don’t change that about you.

Sunny’s message to Yuri
My variety show partner Yu Ri~ I made the most special memories with you through ‘Invincible Youth’ at the countrysides and experienced so much together. I feel like we came to share a larger bond. You seem healthier and stronger than me, and your tanned skin makes you look sexy, but as I come to know you, you’re actually weaker and it made me so sad when you got hurt or got sick. I really gave you credit when you came back to the dorm and said “hey…today was really fun, right?” Those are the times when you shine the most~ and always keep up the smile, well, your skin is dark, but show a lot of that bright smile. And you know how you say “Fighting! Fighting! Go! Go!” I want to keep seeing that from you. Thank you~

Tiffany’s message to Yuri
And the next is Yu RI~ Mmm.. Thank you Yu Ri for always staying at home with me. My buddy! My constant buddy… we make a good team, and I feel you understand me. I often say unreasonable things, right? And… I think I make no sense a lot of the times. I like you because you try to understand my incomprehensible sides. Love you!

Hyoyeon’s message to SNSD/Yuri
Dear our nine members…It’s been just over 3 years since debut. I have so much I want to say to you, let’s see what first… Our members are always a big help and condolence when things get rough. Not one, not two, but eight! I feel really secure. There had been the long trainee days, but I learned a lot more from our members since debut. How to say things word by word, what gestures are needed on stage, what kind of facial expressions there are… I learned from you. So thank you. It still amazes me how not just one or two, but eight of you give me and each other so much help and joy, and share sadness. I love you as much as my family. This is a gift. I really think these days that I have so many good friends.

Sooyoung’s message to SNSD/Yuri
Dear. Girls’ Generation
Well, there are 10-year friends, and not quite as long as 10 years but just as close and familiar members among us. But I can say this, unlike to anyone else who I’ve been together with for a couple years, that you are as dear to me as my family I’ve known all my life, and I can’t imagine my life without you. First, I didn’t know I’d come to think of you guys this way, so I wonder recently what my twenties would have been like without you. In that sense, I am very grateful, and as you may already know, I hope to be as special to you. And I also already feel that I am special to you, thank you so much. Anyways, so I really wish you all would meet great men. Meet great husbands and live happily ever after. Your happiness means as much as mine. So don’ get sick, stay healthy, and let’s do everything we can together. OK?
So this was grandma Soo Young’s wish for members to marry off to nice households and be happy.

Yoona’s message to Yuri
Yu Ri, you’re my roommate, also someone who’s had a long conversation with me last night when we got here. Uh…you think of me a lot, and we talk about so many things to each other. Or utmost necessities are low light and music, and if you didn’t sleep so early, we’d talk a lot more, so cut down on that sleep, and push back that sleep time~ Let’s find a new fun topic to discuss.

Seohyun’s message to SNSD/Yuri
Dear. Girls’ Generation
My precious relationship, relationship that’s meant to be, the eight sisters… Hyo Yeon, Tiffany, Yoon A, Yu Ri, Tae Yeon, Sunny, Jessica, and Soo Young… You take such good care of the youngest one, me, encourage me when I’m down, and give me adivce. I told you this many times before but ever since I was little, I used to envy other girls who have older sisters, and wished I had one. I’m so happy to have older sisters like friends who are with me all the time. I may be immature and inflexible, but you take my personality as it is and lead me towards better ways as I grow up, and give me advice, thank you sisters~ I will try to be Seo Hyun who is exemplary although I am younger than you. Thanks for giving me so much love when I am less than perfect. I love you all~

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