Kamis, 13 Desember 2012

[Movie] B2ST′s Yoon Du Jun, A Pink′s Son Na Eun film movie scene

B2ST’s Yoon Du Jun and A Pink’s Son Na Eun have been spotted getting busy at a club but, rest assured fans, it was all for a film.

The two idol stars are included in the cast of the upcoming movie Marrying the Mafia V: The Return of the Family.

The preview pictures released on December 4 shows Yoon Du Jun, as Young Min, the eldest grandson of a family getting down with his first love Hui Jae (Son Na Eun) in a fun and wild club date scene.

In the scene, Hui Jae begins to seductively dance in front of Young Min, who initially shows hesitation and bashfulness before letting himself succumb to the music and Hui Jae’s dancing. However, Yoon Du Jun will be showcasing his comic dancing for the scene rather than his true dance skills.

Yoon Du Jun was praised by the movie’s staff for his surprise comic acting not only in the club scene but throughout the movie’s filming.

The full movie premieres on December 19.

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