Sabtu, 02 Februari 2013

[Style] Infinite H Members are Always Crushing on Someone

Having made its grand unit group debut with Special Girl, Infinite H posed for the cameras in a photo shoot with fashion magazine CeCi.

Sporting different styles, Dong Woo and Hoya fit into their new hip-hop image fearlessly, spotted with various eye-catching colors.

During the interview, Dong Woo and Hoya answered questions about unit groups, dating, and of course, the Infinite members.

When asked about the difference between Infinite and Infinite H, Hoya replied, “For one thing, schedules end sooner. Because we split the work in half, the responsibilities are greater.”

Dong Woo added, “When there are seven of us, it’s complete chaos, but with just the two of us, we’re a lot calmer and slower with things.”

The group’s newest single, Special Girl is about crushes. “It’s a song that many men, who hesitate in making confessions, can relate to,” said Dong Woo. Both Hoya and Dong Woo loved the song so they unanimously agreed to make it their title track.

Hoya said, “Since we haven’t dated in a while, there’s also sense that we’re relieving stress through singing and rapping.”

The two members later added that since they aren’t dating, they are constantly crushing on someone.

With Infinite H being the first unit group from Infinite, Hoya and Dong Woo were asked what other unit groups they can see in the future.

“I think we should stop here with the unit groups,” laughed Hoya. “Honestly, I’m anticipating the members’ solo careers, like Sung Kyu. Especially Woo Hyun! Sung Yeol, L, and Sung Jong seem to fit as soloists more than being with another member.”

Dong Woo added that due to his and Hoya’s similar styles, they naturally came together as a group.

The entire interview will be included in the February issue .

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