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[Style] CN Blue′s Lee Jong Hyun Opens about his Friendship with SHINee′s Jong Hyun

Starting 2013 together, the CN Blue members gathered to celebrate the brand new year with fashion magazine, CeCi.

Dressed in classy suits, the CN Blue members flaunted their long limbs and handsome faces as they welcomed the new year.

Following his participation in SBS’ A Gentleman’s Dignity, Lee Jong Hyun went back to his musical roots and went to London to put on an exciting show back in September.

“I was very content and happy because I performed on the stage of my dreams,” said the singer on performing in London, the birthplace of rock.

“Fans are the same everywhere, but compared to Asian fans, their hair colors were different. That was the huge difference. Seeing blonde fans dancing and cheering us on, I guess you can say it felt like watching a TV screen, playing a foreign country’s music video.”

He couldn’t seem to suppress his disbelief and excitement as he went onto add, “I thought the whole idea that I was in London was so strange that I kept looking outside the hotel room. I spent half the day walking here and there, taking pictures to my heart’s content.”

Having worked with Jang Dong Gun, Lee Jong Hyun wished that he could become a senior like Jang Dong Gun.

“He exudes warmth with every word he says. When we were filming A Gentleman’s Dignity, he told me, ‘You’re doing fine,.’ Those were the magic words that made me do well even if I wasn’t.”

With Jang Dong Gun being his man crush, Lee Jong Hyun was asked about his ideal woman.

He named off Jeon Ji Hyun, Son Ye Jin, and Park Siyeon. “They’re my life’s ideal women. All three have innocence, sympathy, and sexiness…?”

For his ideal type, he added, “Like in Psy’s song, a woman who unties her hair at the right moment,” or in other words, a polite lady, who has fun when the time comes.

As a boyfriend, he woul have three things to make his girlfriend fall in love. “I’m reliable, I have good manners, and I plan to sing to her every day.”

The three songs he would sing to her included John Legend’s P.D.A, John Mayer’s Belief, and Robin Thicke’s Lost Without You.

Asked if SHINee’s Jong Hyun was his best friend, Lee Jong Hyun suddenly became serious and denied the fact. But he soon cracked up saying it’s true.

“Jong Hyun is a refreshing friend who is always bright. During my rookie years when everything seemed hard, he came to me first really comfortably and we became friends. We usually go eat meat. I usually get called an adult child, but when I’m with him, I feel like I return to my rightful age and it makes me happy.”

As there are many Jong Hyun′s in the entertainment world - SHINee′s Jong Hyun, Teen Top′s Jong Hyun, NU′EST′s Jong Hyun to name a few, Lee Jong Hyun named three reasons why he′s the best Jong Hyun.

"1. I play the guitar and sing. 2. I′m the palest. 3. I am CN Blue."

CN Blue will return with a new album on January 14.

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