Rabu, 20 Maret 2013

SNSD′s Taeyeon Creates Instagram Account

[Update]: Enews spoke to an SM rep on March 20, 2013, who verified that Taeyeon′s instagram account is her own. [End Update]

The leader of Girls’ Generation may have joined the Instagram world, even leaving a note to prove it’s her.

Taeyeon opened up her Instagram account on March 18, starting off with a picture of herself headed somewhere while holding up a V-sign. She wrote, “I want to be free, but once again, I realize that I cannot be free.” Despite the slightly emotional caption, Taeyeon seemed to be enjoying the weather.

When fans began to follow and became skeptical, Taeyeon even posted up a letter explaining that it was her. “My greetings were late. I was going to handwrite, but this was more organized. This is Taeyeon ^^ I’ll do my best at the Saitama concert tomorrow! Let’s go SoShi, let’s go!!”

In the letter she uploaded, she wrote,

“Hello! It’s Taeyeon who is in Japan~ I’m always finding ways to communicate with everyone and wanting to share good news, happy news! I’ve been using the official website and UFOtown, but something…felt lacking? (There are little things that I want to share occasionally.) But it wouldn’t be right if I took over the entire official website T. And I usually get questioned on UFOtown, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to ask you questions ^^. I know exactly what you are all worrying about. I also don’t want to get hurt or hurt the ones nearby. The reason why I’m starting Instagram is to get close to you all! I’m spending more time abroad, and the SONE’s get more global… I will post up small things, fun things, this and that… like you do one-sidedly? It’s very similar with the official website, except that the topic is Taeyeon. But it doesn’t mean I’m not going to go on the official website or UFOtown. If you want to send me text personally, send it to UFO >_<. SONE, come play a lot. :)”

You can follow her at taeyeon_ss.

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