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[Style Profile] BoA

Up next in our female idol star Style Profile series is the Queen of K-Pop BoA!

Having made her debut in 2000, ‘veteran idol star’ may be a more appropriate title for the seasoned singer. But as one of K-Pop’s original idol stars we had to include BoA in our series, and just as BoA has matured as an artist through the years, her style has become much more refined, yet maintains a youthful edge. Veteran idol star or not, BoA is only 25 years old, after all.

BoA’s style

From the scuba goggles and suspenders of her Atlantis Princess days to the punk princess mullet of her Girls on Top days, BoA’s style on the stage has been…experimental, to say the least.

Her style off the stage, however, tells a much different story. Thank goodness.

BoA may be petite, but she knows how to dress for her size, often opting for simple T-shirts and skinny jeans or leggings that flatter her small frame. Sure, these are all pieces that can be found in any girl’s closet these days, but where BoA’s personal style truly shines is in outerwear.

BoA begins with the basics then amps up her look by throwing on a moto jacket or a bold blazer with shoulder pads or some hefty hardware.

The singer sticks to neutral colors, but if BoA is in the mood for some color, you’ll usually find a pop of print in her pants—or leggings, if you want to get technical. When she’s not showing off her lean legs in a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, BoA is wearing leggings with dizzyingly bold patterns.

How to dress like BoA

Bold blazers and moto jackers are must-haves if you want to get BoA’s signature look. Skip on the girly girl, flowy pieces because BoA is all about structured looks.

This isn’t to say BoA doesn’t rock dresses, but if you want to show off your legs in short one piece, make sure to throw on a pair of chunky studded heels to make BoA proud.

For those lazy days, leggings will do, but make sure they’re the BoA-approved kind with a wild print or bold pattern.

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