Sabtu, 27 Oktober 2012

Seo In Guk Says He′ll Never Forgive a Cheating Girlfriend

Watch out, playgirls; Seo In Guk said he would never forgive a girlfriend who cheated on him.

The singer recently attended a photo shoot and interview with the magazine @star1 wearing the fashion brand Kelburn.

His statement about his girlfriends is especially notable in that it goes against the role he′s currently playing in his drama. He appears as the playboy Yoo Seung Gi in the MBC drama Rascal Sons, but he said in the interview, "I′ll never forgive my girlfriend if she cheats on me. I won′t even be persuaded if she says it was ′just once.′"

He couldn′t seem to understand why someone would love someone else when he/she′s already in a relationship.

"I never look back at a girlfriend who′s cheated on me," he said. "I can′t forgive cheating, and I never even bring the word to mind."

In the photo spread he softened up and posed with tvN Reply 1997 co-star, A Pink′s Jung Eun Ji. This is the first time the two have been featured in a photo spread together.

Check out the story behind Reply 1997 and Seo In Guk′s love life in the November issue of @star1.

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